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Karen Servaty

PR Manager, MMBSY

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About Juttu

Juttu is a Belgian multibrand concept store chain, hosting over 100 brands with a unique story, covering fashion, home deco and food. Juttu always focuses on local initiatives. It is not just a shop, it's an experience for open-minded, positive, hip and critical shoppers. For men and women, with a conscious mind and great taste.

The Juttu ABC

Awareness - Bejuttuful - Colorful - Dynamic team - Eager to do better - Fair trade - Going the extra mile - Heartwarming brands - Inspirational tips and quotes - Joy for fashion - Knowledge is everything - Laughs & humour - Meaningful mission - New & Outgoing - Power to the people - Quality - Respect for people, animal & environment - Smart - Timeless - Unique & authentic - Versatility - Wow - XO - Yes you can (yes ju tu!) - Zest = 100% passionate about what we do.